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The Shattered Shield

A podcast where FX's "The Shield" super fan DashingDrewRude introduces his friend PandaNeverSleeps to the television series. The show is an in depth look at The Shield 10 years after the series finale. Each week the guys will review the show week by week, episode by episode and give you their unique perspectives as a long time fan and newcomer.

Aug 26, 2019

Today on The Shattered Shield Libby and Drew count down their Top 5 songs from The Shield. Any song that was played throughout the course of the show is able to be chosen. What songs will be at their number one spot? Who do you think got it right? Send them YOUR top 5 list to compare!


Twitter: @ShieldShattered


Aug 20, 2019

Panda and Drew dive head first into The Shield: The Game this week to use their extensive knowledge of all things digital to provide you with the most comprehensive view of this video game odyssey. How well is the story put together? Do the mechanics function like they should? Does the barn ACTUALLY look like the barn?...

Aug 12, 2019

Drew and Libby get into the 5 comic book series released by IDW Publishing. Did the books live up to the show? Why is it a terrible idea to wear high heels while reporting? Does anyone actually solve anything in this detective comic book? Find out the answers to all this and more!


Twitter: @ShieldShattered


Aug 5, 2019

That's it! Another season has been completed! Drew, Libby, and Panda get together to remember their favorite parts about Season 3. Who had the most character development? What were some of the best episodes? Where does this season rank among the others? Later, Drew sits down with Shield creator Shawn Ryan to discuss...