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The Shattered Shield

A podcast where FX's "The Shield" super fan DashingDrewRude introduces his friend PandaNeverSleeps to the television series. The show is an in depth look at The Shield 10 years after the series finale. Each week the guys will review the show week by week, episode by episode and give you their unique perspectives as a long time fan and newcomer.

Oct 28, 2019

Drew and Panda sit down to discuss "Doghouse" and all the questions that come with such an episode. Are we all just fine with brutality when the victim happens to be a merciless rapist? Is Panda still standing with Monica after seeing the way she handles the asset seizure policy? Also, the return of the mail...

Oct 15, 2019

Asset seizures are in full effect on this episode of The Shield! Monica officially starts her quest to change Farmington and tries to stop a gang war. The whole Shattered Shield Crew weigh in on the policy and ask you to do the same! Who's local video store had a "back room"? Why would Drew have gotten busted right...

Oct 7, 2019

The day has finally come. Shane Vendrell thinks he is Vic Mackey. How is that going to play out? Antwon begins to make moves that change the drug scene in Farmington. Dutch and Claudette investigate a rape case where HIV is a factor. Aceveda decides to take a dark turn.


Twitter: @ShieldShattered