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The Shattered Shield

A podcast where FX's "The Shield" super fan DashingDrewRude introduces his friend PandaNeverSleeps to the television series. The show is an in depth look at The Shield 10 years after the series finale. Each week the guys will review the show week by week, episode by episode and give you their unique perspectives as a long time fan and newcomer.

Oct 7, 2020

Panda and Drew sit down to talk about the lesser known "Wins and Losses" Webisode. Plus Drew reports back about his trip to the barn and gives insight into the coming season!


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Sep 30, 2020

Season 5 is in the history books and The Shattered Shield crew has gotten together to talk their favorite moments. Plus, Drew once again sits down with Shawn Ryan to hear his take on what is widely considered to be the best season of The Shield!


Twitter: @ShieldShattered


Sep 8, 2020

The time has finally arrived! PostPartum is broken down on this episode of The Shattered Shield! What were Shane's true motivations? Was the death of a beloved character justified? The full crew gives you their thoughts. Plus, Drew speaks with Kenny Johnson to get his inside take on arguably the best episode of...

Aug 18, 2020

Panda, Libby, and Drew strap themselves in to watch the penultimate episode of Season 5! What monologue gave Drew chills? Did this episode make Libby hate Vic even more? Is that possible? What does it taste like? Find out the answer to most of these questions in this episode of The Shattered Shield!



Jul 28, 2020

Drew and Libby tag team "Smoked" this week on the podcast. Who should have been fired this episode? Is Aceveda the perfect character? What line of dialogue may have inspired Libby's latest book? Your answers are a download away!


Twitter: @ShieldShattered


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