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The Shattered Shield

A podcast where FX's "The Shield" super fan DashingDrewRude introduces his friend PandaNeverSleeps to the television series. The show is an in depth look at The Shield 10 years after the series finale. Each week the guys will review the show week by week, episode by episode and give you their unique perspectives as a long time fan and newcomer.

Apr 29, 2021

Season 6 draws to a close as the full crew reviews the finale "Spanish Practices". Which two hosts break into uncontrollable laughter at the expense of Hiatt? What character does Drew accuse of tapping into their dark side? Was the finale enough to make you want more? All these questions discussed and more!


Apr 21, 2021

Is Billings actually a monster? Drew and Libby try to decide as they watch "Recoil" on this episode of The Shattered Shield! How many more insults for Hiatt does Libby have? What joke has Drew been cooking for 6 seasons? How does Captain Hook relate to this episode? All the answers await you in this packed...

Apr 14, 2021

The crew tries to make sense of the heavy plot thudding this episode as they review "The Math of the Wrath". Is this the best title to an episode yet? What show does Drew feel like he was watching?  Does anybody really have an idea of where the season is heading? Download now and find out!